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mesopeel® treatments in Christchurch are now available from Sacred Beauty

Lactic acid is a hydroxy acid that is better tolerated by our skin tissue than other acids. It is particularly suitable for sensitive, dry, fine and/or dull skin. mesopeel® lactic can improve hydration by attracting water to the surface of the skin helping to create a healthy glow. Collagen and important skin oils can be stimulated, it is a peel that is suitable for prototypes I-VI. Can be a used as a booster treatment or as a course.

If you are having a cosmelan® treatment this will be part of your skin preparation.


mesopeel® is the most advanced range of chemical peels designed for professionals requiring safe, effective, versatile, adaptable products for the purpose of providing an exponential, customised result. A range made of single-substance peels based on alpha and beta hydroxy acids at different concentrations and combined formulas that offer a synergism of chemical exfoliants with active ingredients aimed at specific skin indications.

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