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mesoestetic cosmelan®

cosmelan® treatments in Christchurch are now available from Sacred Beauty

cosmelan® is the worldwide leader in depigmentation it provides a visible corrective action for dark spots on the face for all skin colours. Consultation and skin preparation is needed to insure maximum efficacy and reliability.


The cosmelan® method is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome:

Corrective action: visibly removes and attenuates spots.

Regulating action: it regulates the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots’ reappearance.

Spectrum solar radiation and helps control skin pigmentation.

World’s top method

More than one million patients around the world have already tried it. Thousands of professionals treat skin spots with cosmelan®.

High dermal safety

Strict quality standards and numerous efficacy studies prove the method’s safety and tolerance.

High satisfaction from the patient

With visible results from the first week of treatment and in the long term.

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